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A new collection of watches from Bruce Devin

By January 31, 2017 No Comments

With new features yet everything is familiar

After an exciting and bright 2016 in which Bruce Devin for the first time received people’s attention, when the first collection of watches was launched, once again Bruce Devin will be launching a new collection of watches.

“The first collection introduced the concept of numbering of every single watch. That way, your watch is the only one in the world with your unique number. Both yourself and your watch are unique”, as CEO of Bruce Devin, Oliver Brink, explains.

With three different colours, black, brown and blue and a very simplistic design, the watch gained much attention, especially due to its clean Scandinavian design empowering simplicity and functionality. As described in a review by Det Almene Ur (The general watch):

“Bruce Devin is for those who wants a watch with a modern design and shape, but at the same time wants something special, which stands out”

With those words, Det Almene Ur predicted a bright future for Bruce Devin.
One will still have the numbering on every single watch with the new collection, as will the simple, clean design still dominate the appearance. But the bright colours of the disc will be replaced with a black colour, which now also shows the date. The new watch creates an even more elegant and unique look, that fits every outfit, whether it’s the classic or more relaxed one.

“The black colour of the disc fits every outfit. The watch playfully matches with dark colour, where it blends in when the outfit, while it also has capability of creating and incredibly dynamic with brighter outfits”, as Oliver Brink describes the darker colours of the disc.

The numbers of three and nine on the disc, known from the first collection, will still be on the disc in the new collection – this will always be a Bruce Devin feature, and something to recognize the Bruce Devin-watch by.

As a new key-feature the new watch shows the date which creates more dynamic on the disc which breaks the cleanliness of the watch, to create more depth”, Oliver Brink tells about the new and most radical change to the design.

The golden edge of the first collection has been switched with either silver or rose gold, and as a new thing for Bruce Devin there’s changeable straps, which is perfectly userfriendly so oneself can change between different colours: dark brown, dark green, dark blue and black – all of which are clean in its design which creates exactly the expression of who you want to be any day. As a standard black straps go with silver cases and darkbrown for the rosegold-edition.

“You change your clothes every day. Everyday you are wearing a new outfit, tailored for your mood, the plans of the day etc. Why wouldn’t you customize your watch to fit your mood?”

The new collection of watches marks the start of a new chapter in the history of Bruce Devin, though the mission still remains the same as the very first day:

“We are trying to give every single person a unique experience, with every single watch”

The new collection will be released on the 31st of January, and will be available for purchase at brucedevin.com

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