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Nicki Petersen with a new helmetdesign.

More exposure in Danish Thundersport Championship following a new design to Bruce Devins ambassador, Nicki Petersen.

Ambassador of Bruce Devin, racingdriver Nicki Petersen, who at the moment is driving in the Danish Thundersport Championship, received the new design of his crash helmet. With its standout design the helmet is supposed to separate from the masses and inject more attention to Bruce Devin.

Nicki Petersen and Bruce Devin signed a contract in April; this has gotten major attention in race weekends in the national race car series, Danish Thundersport Championship, latest at the Classic Race Aarhus, in which Nicki Petersen achieved a 9th place in the final heat, securing him the 12th place in the championship after to races.

The collaboration between Nicki Petersen and Bruce Devin is an investment from both parties, which can serve as a great help in the future, to lead them onto the international stage.
About the collaboration Nicki Petersen expresses:
“Myself and Bruce Devin have opted to collaborate for the 2016-season, and hopefully this is a collaboration that will continue in the future.”
Nicki Petersen is well known for his involvement with sponsors. He goes a long way to make sure the involved in his racing career are taken care of. Therefore, he has done plenty of thinking about what the collaboration is for:
“We have chosen to make a collaboration which is all about strengthening each others’ brands in the best possible way through our individual networks.”

What the future brings for the collaboration, is only to speculate in, but Bruce Devin sure is a proud sponsor of Nicki Petersen, a feeling that goes both ways:
“I’m sure the collaboration is promising for both parties and I’m happy to welcome Bruce Devin as my personal sponsor!”

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