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Bruce Devin takes stock concerning the last few months

Since the calender is now saying juli, Bruce Devin can now celebrate its first half year as a watch-brand.
Bruce Devin can look back on a great start as a wacth-brand after having released its first collection of watches.
In the time of writing, there is only a few watches left of the first collection of watches. Already by the launch of the watches, the orders started to come, and slow and steady one watch after the other has been shipped by the Bruce Devin webshop.
The reception of the wacthes has been good. Amongst others Nicolai Espenhein writes;
Lecrative and minimalistic design and a passion behind the brand itself – huge cadeau fromhere!”
Which is a rather nice representation of how Bruce Devin is seen. This is why the brand has gotten a 5 out of 5 stars rating on its facebook-page.
The fact that the numbering of every watch plays a key in the value of the watch is described in a few of the reviews. For example, there is a lot of people who have chosen a number which has something to do with a date or a given year, as Kira Bilgrav Maltesen writes;
“Bruce Devin is simply – beyond all expectations – so sweet and incredibly good. My new watch, with my birthdate, 4, on the back, is on its way.”
With a great deal of encouragement from customers who have already bought a watch, Bruce Devin was able to look around for a man to represent it. So when DTC-driver Nicki Petersen proposed a sponsorship, Bruce Devin did not need much time to accept, which has lead to the Bruce Devin-name being on one of the country’s most beautiful racecars and even on the helmet of Nicki Petersen.

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